xcellent software isn't an accident; it’s the result of hard work and smart choices. To be successful, you have to understand and meet the needs of users who expect applications to be fast, easy to use and effective.

I’m an expert in human-computer interaction, and I’ve been helping people create exceptional software for almost two decades. My experience includes designing or fine-tuning applications for clients ranging from government agencies and Fortune 1000 companies to small start-ups and individual entrepreneurs. As someone with a deep technical background and lots of experience in both business and government environments, I can work effectively with technical teams, early-stage visionaries and hands-on end users to ensure that a desktop or Web-based software package delivers a great user experience.

I’ve worked with medical organizations, intelligence analysts, pharmaceutical companies, media publishers and financial services enterprises, among others. In some cases, I’ve helped design and create products from scratch; in others, I’ve managed cross-functional teams to help organizations get the maximum benefit from existing investments in IT and Web resources.

Whether you have a spark of an idea that needs to be fleshed out, initial specifications that need fine tuning or an established product that could be made better, I can help. If you want to delight your users with well-designed software that’s elegant, effective and a joy to use, give me a call.

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